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Instructions for Authors


• Articles submitted to International Journal of Armenian Genocide Studies for consideration should be related to genocide studies.
• Articles should be original contributions.
• Written in English and must correspond precisely to the format and style of articles published in International Journal of Armenian Genocide Studies.
• There is no standard length for articles but 8,000-13,000 words (including notes and references) is a useful target.
• Photographs must be of good quality and provided separately.
• Authors should include a short biographical data as well as information concerning his/her relevant interests.
• To be accepted for publication, all articles must pass a peer review by at least two experts in the field.
• The Editor has the right to edit the article to conform to the editorial policy and specifications of International Journal of Armenian Genocide Studies and to reject the article if it not be acceptable to our editorial committee for publication.
• Book reviews and press-reviews should be kept to 2,000-5,000 words.


• Numbers from one to ten should be spelled out; other numbers should be written as numerals.
• Dates should be in the following form: December 21, 1915; 1894-96; the 1900s.
• Acronyms may be transliterated or translated in English.
• If an abbreviation is introduced into the article, the first time it is used, the abbreviation must be in parentheses following the full name or title.
• Any foreign word not known by the general public should be italicized, such as yeghern or vilayet.
• All footnote sources using non-Latin alphabet should be transliterated and provided with English translation.


• Title must be all caps and centered
• All articles should be in Times New Roman 12 point font (including title and footnotes), 1.5 spaced throughout.
• Long quotations (more than four lines) should be brought in the text in a separate passage, 10 point font without the use of quotation marks.


• The footnotes should be used numbered consecutively throughout the article, using a numeral (but not a Roman numeral).
• References should be made according to the Chicago Manual of Style Online 17th Edition

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